Jessen James

Jessen is a serial entrepreneur, business mentor, author, NLP Practitioner and 7 x Award Winning International Speaker, and knows a thing or two about ‘keeping it all in check!’

He owns and has sold multiple businesses in private health care, hair & beauty, property and training & development. Jessen specialises in taking businesses from the £0 to £1m+ per annum so that YOU can own your very own Lifestyle Business!

Jessen’s life and business experience makes him the go to person for any entrepreneur needing to get ‘unstuck’ and on track to success. He has a passion for sharing his unique skill set with others, which helps his clients achieve massive success without the pain he had to go through. His passion for teaching and Public Speaking has seen him win 7 Public Speaking Awards in 4 years, including Best Worldwide Male Speaker & UK Public Speaking Champion of the Year as well as feature on National TV in the UK.


I am raising money for an amazing charity that I support, Concern Worldwide. Concern Worldwide support some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people including children living through poverty. They support them with nutrition, emergency aid, education and livelihoods.

My Dad lost his father when he was just 3 years old and had to begin working at a very young age in Mauritius. He had to go through extremely hard times and missed out on having a childhood.

 In August 2021, my Dad undertook some tests and discovered that he been diagnosed with mixed Dementia. He was told that he has Alzheimer’s which affects his memory and vascular Dementia which affects his ability to process information quickly, and, as a combination, that would deteriorate if he didn’t get help. Fortunately, they caught it early on, however, this is a degenerative disease that cannot be reversed, only slowed down.

This knocked my dad’s confidence because he’s had to be strong all his life, especially since he began working to support his family at the age of 7.

On the 24th July at the O2 Arena in London, I am engaging in my very first amateur boxing fight, and I am dedicating this fight not only to my father but to all of those across the world that have to endure and live through poverty and hardship.

I would be very grateful if you can support me, by donating kindly to this charity, Concern Worldwide, who spend a lot of time, money, effort and energy, into making a difference to some of the poorest people’s lives.

Thank you

Jessen x

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